Ondřej Čertík

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Research interests

I am interested in the things above and especially in writting programs (libraries) for making the whole calculation automatic. I am also interested in applying quantum electrodynamic (QED) to all of the phenomena in the electronic structure to see exactly how the equations (that are later solved on the computer) arise. In general I am interested in the whole theoretical physics.


Ph.D.: Physics in Screening Environments (phd_thesis.pdf)
Master: Calculation of electron structure in the framework of DFT in real space (master.pdf)
Bachelor: Numerical solution of the radial Dirac equation in pseudopotential construction (bachelor.pdf)

Theoretical Physics Reference

I have collected all my physics and math notes into an open source book that I call the
Theoretical Physics Reference. At that link you can find html version of the book, source code, pdf and also order a physical hardcover book.

Greek Letters

English pronunciation of Greek letters: greekletters.ps


See resume for more information.

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